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“Until Then”, By Tilly Birds is your perfect gateway to gorgeous Thai indie rock – Score Global Music

Tilly Birds is a Thai alternative rock band formed in 2010, comprising Third (Anuroth Ketleka), Billy (Nutdanai Chuchat) and Milo (Thuwanon Tantiwattanaworakul). The band derives its name by playing on the names of two members, Billy and Third.

While they have many fetching songs, their single Until Then stands out for its relatable story, instantly enchanting melody and easy listening. If you are new to (and curious about) Thai music, it is an excellent one to dip your musical toes into. Also, at the time of writing this piece, Until Then has hit number one on the Billboard Thailand Songs chart.

The song begins softly – the sound of the piano enmeshed perfectly with pensive and pondering lyricism- harkening back to an old love. The storytelling is from a love-lorn protagonist, who has accepted their plight at the end of their romantic relationship:

“From the day you left me onward/ Where Have you wandered/ Have you moved forward?” 

and proceeds to reminisce about the minute details that accompany all worthwhile romance (such as allusions to their “pretty eyes”), while admitting that they’re still on their mind : “You’re all I [still]  think about.”

As the song progresses, they draw from their memories, think of good times, and wonder if their former lover will smile for them again. The musical trajectory winds from accepting to despondent to optimistic  and finally to nostalgic, where the protagonist implores their lover not to “fade away”.This is a particularly beautiful moment, because it could also mean them trying to keep the memories of their lover alive and tactile through their music.

The warm tones of the song, the stability and vocal control displayed by the musicians, combined with the harmonies and lyrical finesse, allows the listener to quickly empathise with the protagonist’s journey. Deftly flitting between emotions both sonically and lyrically, the track  reaches a crescendo during its chorus, before it finally tapers away, creating a sense of pleasant vacuum.

With its wide musical repertoire and its mastery of indie-rock and synth-pop, Tilly Birds is a band that you may want to watch out for in the years to come.

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