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Pina Colada Blues collaborates with Re for the instantly feel-good track Running Wild – Score Indie Reviews

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As proved by his singles and his debut album from 2021, Once Upon A Blue Moon, Kerala native Pina Colada Blues is here to stay. The producer has been constantly dropping tracks that highlight his blend of ambient lo-fi-like music with traditional influences. The fact that he experiments with different languages like Malayalam, Hindi, and English adds to his diverse discography. 

His latest single Running Wild finds him joining forces with featured vocalist Re. The result is a soothing, upbeat track on being free. Re’s vocals are bound to remind one of classic late-2010s electro-pop, a phase when DJs like Avicii and Martin Garrix increasingly began to collaborate with popstars like Rita Ora and Dua Lipa. 

But by the time the beat drops, you would realise that Pina Colada Blues strays away from a derivative EDM sound. The post-chorus instrumentals are equally soothing and carry high-pitched “Chipmunk-like” vocal chops that one might have heard in some of his previous tracks. 

Sonically, this song seems like the spiritual successor to his mellow Hindi number Kyun. At the same time, the lyrical content of Running Wild is less tragic and carries a sense of optimism along with it. Even the accompanying music video carries this positivity as it revolves around a woman who has quit her job and ventures out to trek in the woods. 

It is quite a First World fantasy but well, music videos are supposed to offer some sort of escapism. So, if you are a fan of feel-good slice-of-life films like Into The Wild and Eat Pray Love, then definitely give the Jaydeep Mishra-directed visual a watch. 

All in all, Pina Colada Blues seems to be growing and exploring new themes with every new release. If you need a new release for comfort listening, then look no further than Running Wild.  

Verdict: A tribute to the free-spirited souls out there. 

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