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Shubham Kabra’s EP Seher explores silences, relationships, and the little things in life – Score Indie Reviews

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Shubham Kabra‘s discography in general has a very acoustic vibe to it, reminiscent of artists like Anuv Jain. Kabra’s new EP Seher goes down a similar route. 

For some listeners, the “average indiepop acoustic guitar strumming ” genre has overstayed its welcome. But for the others who still put their faith in romantic acoustic indiepop, Kabra’s Seher seems like a good pick. 
A collection of three songs, the EP has a very feel-good sound to it, lyrically delving on the lighter phases of a relationship. Seher opens up with Khamoshiyon Ke Parde, a collaboration with vocalist Akanksha Bhandari who had helmed such acoustic songs before. 

The two artists’ voices blend perfectly as they address the silence that exists in a relationship. The core idea is that not everyone is able to convey their emotions through words. This is an interesting aspect to touch upon as after all not everyone in a relationship can be a poetic songwriter to convey their emotions.

This is then followed by Dhun Purani. The mellow keys in this track might make it sound like a sad song but it actually delves into the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship, when everything feels merry. The protagonist has just started fresh with someone so that increases his attachment towards the partner. Maybe the melancholic sound foreshadows the aftermath of this phase, when the relationship starts getting tumultuous. 

Despite whatever issues two lovers can have, it is the little moments of purity that can be a saving grace. The closing track of the EP is centered on witnessing a beautiful sunset together, a timeless romantic trope from Shakesperean times to the romcom generation. Titled Yeh Shaam (Acoustic), the track can also be applied to other contexts. Ultimately, the song is about pausing for a minute in our bustling lives and enjoying the little things.

To put it in the artist’s own words, “It’s everyone’s story, everyone who is fighting something or the other, everyone who, at the end of the day, longs to get back to the warmth of their homes and the people they love”.

Verdict- Optimistic lyrics merge with a melancholic sound for a smooth three-track EP. 

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