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This is Cosmos and Abhishek Roy are asking the right questions with Sawaal: Score Indie Reviews

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In these times of rising extremism and intolerance, several political
rappers have taken the responsibility of conveying the truth in their fiery
rhymes. Some, like Ahmer and Sumeet Samos are striving for genuine efforts in opening the eyes of the privileged masses, who might be aloof
from the burning state of the nation today. However, there also seem to be a few who are just joining the bandwagon and might not practice what they preach.

That makes for a whole other debate but in this context, the track Sawaal makes for a thought-provoking and genuine effort into lamenting on the nation’s burning issues. This Is Cosmos produces a catchy beat that resonates with a certain tension and rage, which is greatly carried by featured artist Abhishek Roy’s swift flow of words.

Roy raps about lynching, corruption, and a slew of other issues with bi- lingual verses, alternating from Hindi to English. While the switch in language might not seem that effortless and might not work for all listeners, Roy’s emotion is very well-conveyed throughout the song. He’s frustrated and wishes to share this frustration with all so that they too can ask questions like him.

The song writing is good enough for making the point clear, but still the
lyrics might come off as a tad bit cliched here and there (if compared with similar songs from recent years that are mostly intended to be protest poems or revolution anthems).

In the end, Sawaal is a genuine effort in asking the right kind of questions. This is Cosmos goes on to show great versatility, varying tones and sounds with every new release while Abhishek Roy too offers great potential of making it big as a rapper in both Hindi and English.

Verdict: Sawaal succeeds at capturing the angst of turbulent generation,
in times of rising tensions.

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