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The music of nightlife

One of the most talked about parts of our everyday lives is the concept known as Nightlife. It is a concept for the sole purpose that it carries with it a very distinct culture, with definitions that are worth understanding. Some would even refer to it as another world, with an atmosphere worth exploring, which we wouldn’t see unless we purposely walk through that door; and the music that comes with it helps create different dimensions within that ever so secret world. The music can be dark or light, groovy or slow, meaningful or even sinful. Nightlife is known to be the life wherein you meet your true inhibitions, and the playlists, with it’s resultant aura does exactly that.

Now, not to be a brag about the essence of nightlife and it’s music, but it is admittedly one of the most fascinating things that human life has to offer. To quote a phrase from the well-known song It Must have Been Love: “It’s where the wind blows”. The fascination is what it is due to the magic of the different types of music that are played all round, including English rock, electro, dance, slow romantic, classical remix, and even different forms of bollywood remix, and each type of genre will cause a different mood. It’s much like the concept behind each type of alcoholic drink creating different moods; anger, sadness or even happiness within an individual.

The night life is all about letting go of your troubles; anything and everything that may be bothering you, or it’s just because now its become a force of habit; the main reasons why you engage in the life, and based on which the music engages you. As you listen to the different types of music, in random order, while standing in a club, you’ll realize how each tune slowly affects you and why. If you look deeper, each person has a deep connection with a certain type of music, and when both exist in an equal terrain such as this, there results a chemistry which is unusually romantic.

For certain people, groovy dance music acts as a trigger, while for some it acts as an inhibitor. For others, it may be anything from hardcore rap to 90s love songs. To be exact, it happens in the exact way whether or not you’re a few or four drinks down. The music creates the mood, and then slowly controls it; it manages to mellow down your conscious, and suddenly the subconscious lover in you has woken up and is on the dance floor, doing things the conscious you only dreams of while sitting in the bedroom. This depicts more than just the inner emotions of the person, but even the person himself.

There is such a thing as “being high on music”. All music lovers have been at the some point; they need not be party-goers or the nightlife type to have felt it. This is as the concept of being high or getting high is just your individual brains getting triggered; and your dopamines and endorphins getting released to the point you start realizing the true nature of what exactly you yearn for. The stimulation is on a very different level when it comes to music that has been made just for that.

Death metal is but the basic, and bringing out the sociopath in you acts as just the foundation. It’s surprising but sometimes you’ll notice that psychedelic music is of a class on it’s own, because even it contains much poetry, just like gothic music. The different types of music have triggers which look the same on the surface, but internally everyone is feeling a different emotional high.

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