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Artist of the month: Apache Indian

Your newest single Punjabi Girl has reached a lot of people, what was the toughest part about making the song?

The toughest part of the process was to get the old school feel back but bring it right up to date with fresh sounds & vocal styles. Big Respects to my team behind the scenes Music Producers Jim Beanz & Charlie Hype from the Sunset Camp in Philadelphia USA.

Being a musician and staying consistent is challenging, how have you managed to stay abreast with changing times?

I have a good team around me, which includes Artist’s, Producers, Writer’s & Musicians, who all contribute in their own way. We have a great management team who advise and inspire us always.

If there was something you’d like to change in the music industry, what would it be and why? 

I would like to see more support for Artist’s on all platforms, especially Radio. Every Radio station should a policy to support Artists & Bands who live in the City/Country that the Station is based. These days the Dj’s on Radio play whatever everyone else is, and have become bigger Celebrities than Artists themselves.

The Industry has changed so we need new policies to support talents from a grass roots level and get them to the global stages.

You’ve collaborated with noted musicians through your journey, could you name a few who you haven’t collaborated with yet but would love to. 

I would love to collaborate with the Great Gudass Mann & the incredible Lata Mangeshka, Reggae Legends Beres Hammond & Freddy McGregor! Shakira is top of the list.

What makes your music unique according to you? 

Artists should make their songs personal to them. Make it as real as possible without thinking of the industry, fans, money or success. My music is unique to me and my life & experiences. It was never a formula to please people or gain fans.

Your album ‘On the weekend’ has a lot of expectation. What can one look forward to from it?

Punjabi Girl feat Raftaar, is on the Album, it also has another big collab ‘Whispers’ with the Late Great Reggae Legend Frankie Paul. The Album also features Artists, Destiny, Cousin Vinny, El Feco, Jim Beanz, Charlie Hype & Argenil Music from Bangalore. ‘On the Weekend’ takes you on a journey from Dancehall to Bhangra, Reggae & Trap and includes live music played by musicians from across the world!

What are some of the key learnings you’ve had from the time you started? 

The key things I learnt from the early days were to work hard just as it was any other profession and to learn about the business of music industry itself. Also, that its important to continue to develop the talents God has given us, as there is always room for improvement.

What advise would you give to young and aspiring musicians in this genre?

I would encourage Artists to write lyrics that are inspiring and address more current issues. Rap is almost like being a news reporter, it needs to reflect current issues political or otherwise and maybe even can make a difference in the community if not the world we live in. Music needs to push boundaries and be interesting original & exciting. Artists should also try to perform as much as they can.

Talk about your upcoming projects

I am currently promoting the Album across the world. This will be supported by a tour around Christmas and the New Year. I have already started working on new songs & a potential film project about my career. I run a charity ‘Apache Indian Music (AIM) Academy’ which supports young people with music & life skills. We are based at
Handsworth Campus South City College in my home-town Birmingham. Follow and get in touch @aimusicacademy

Rapid fire
1. A song that plays regularly on your playlist
‘I feel good’ – Beres Hammond
2. Musician you’d love to collaborate with
Bono – U2
3. Describe your music in one word
4. What inspires you to make music
Life itself!

Media : Indulge, New Indian express.

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