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The Magic of Music without Lyrics – Score Short Reads

The Magic of Music without Lyrics – Score Short Reads

Lyrics often act as the pillars of the musical composition. Words are indeed powerful means to convey feelings and connect with the listeners. Meaningful lyrics transpose you to another world altogether. However, what about music without lyrics? What happens when there are no words to convey the emotion of the song?

Music without lyrics is a melody or an instrumental composition. That’s another world in itself. Sometimes soothing, sometimes dynamic…there are myriad shades of music.

Instrumental Music: The Origin

The origin of instrumental music dates back to thousands of years when human beings started playing instruments. With the invention of more and more instruments, music became complex and varied. There are numerous music genres that involve music without lyrics such as ‘easy listening’, ‘techno’ or ‘jazz’…or other such forms of lyrics-less music.

Preference for Instrumental 

Many people prefer instrumental music. There have been instances wherein songs with lyrics have been re-recorded as instrumental songs. Various radio stations and websites also play music of the ‘easy listening’ genre as people like that kind of music. Be it relaxing melodies or soft soothing compositions, it’s appreciated by music lovers from across geographies. 

Different situations call for different kinds of music preferences. For instance, when you’ve just woken up in the morning, you want something relaxing and peaceful. That’s when most people flock to instrumental music. 

Famous Instrumental Music Compositions

There have been numerous lyrics-less songs that people have loved. Some of the best instrumental songs of all time are:

  • “Tequila,” The Champs (1958)

This song was a one-hit wonder for the Champs in late 50s but gained its glory in 1985’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

  • “Wipe Out,” The Surfaris (1963)

This song created a new craze for drumming. It stood out as the most popular instrumental compositions used in many movies and television series.

  • “Black Mountain Side,” Led Zeppelin (1969)

This song is a folk-like instrumental composition created by Jimmy Page and it became a celebrated music composition.

  • “One of the These Days,” Pink Floyd (1971)

This song is one of Pink Flyod’s notable compositions offering a crescendoing pace with an overshadowing drum work. 

  • “Jessica,” The Allman Brothers Band (1973)

 This song was composed by the guitarist Dickey Betts and appeared in movies like Field of Dreams.

These are just a handful of the wide collection of instrumental compositions that are loved and appreciated by music lovers from across the world.

When the Magic Unfolds

Music in any form is enjoyed by people. Man and music have an old connection. Different moods attract different music genres. Music without lyrics catches one’s attention when one wants to enjoy moments of leisure away from the chaos. 

It’s a sense of tranquil that brings in mental peace and relaxation with those soothing melodies. Melodies need no words to connect with us at a deeper level sometimes, as the mood and the spirit are sufficient to create a connection.
The magic of music without lyrics lies in the soul of the composition. One can never get enough of these melodies. However busy or worked up we are, one calming instrumental piece is all that we need to rejuvenate. That’s the power and magic of music in its entirety. 

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