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Indian Raagas for Spring and Healing – Score Short Reads

We are all at a tough phase of life where health and healing has become the number one priority- irrespective of region , religion or nationality. Thanks to the ongoing COVID pandemic’s second wave, everybody’s biggest concern is to stay healthy and keep mental healing as the first thing to do in the day.

Fortunately, Indian Classical Music is known for its healing properties and certain raagas as scientifically proven to be effective for health and healing. 

Interestingly, we in the season of Spring- the time of blooming flowers, lively trees and bright days of sunshine. Spring is a time to celebrate the sun’s power on our planet Earth.

Every street looks beautiful with spring blooms and with lesser cold and brighter days, spring is undoubtedly a favorite season for many. Spring also marks the beginning of new year in Indian Calendars where many states such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, AP and Telangana celebrate the arrival of spring as the new year. 

One such beautiful raaga which can he used for spring season is Basant. The suave notes which Basant has speak of optimism, bloom and positivity. Along with Basant, even Bahar and Hindol are beautiful ragas for the season.

Coming to Carnatic Classical- the obvious choice is Vasantha- just as the name says- the raaga speaks of blooming flowers, bright sunshine and happiness all around. Singing Vasantha at any time of the day during spring will surely give optimistic vibes and paves the way for a colorful season. 

Vasantha is a fantastic raaga that has a multitude of emotions woven in it. Take time to listen and relish the greatest composition Seethamma Mayamma by Saint Thyagaraja that is composed in this raaga. Along with vocal renditions, instrumental renditions of these raagas will surely heal the person in every way possible and bringing tons of optimism and strength to fight the pandemic for sure. 

These raagas have special properties that would strike a different chord with each listener. The spring ragas are meant to uplift the listener’s spirits and bring about a positive outlook in life.

That’s what spring season is all about- not just in India but all over the globe. After dull winter season where the sun become morose and lethargic, the bright sunshine is surely going to bring waves of positivity and enthrallment. 

In this testing times of COVID-19 pandemic,all we need is a hope for survival and sources to keep oneself energized and motivated. Music has the inherent ability to do that without much effort put- and Indian Classical music of no exception. 

So, whenever you find yourself in low spirits in this challenging times, grab a recording of spring raagas and you would feel remarkable difference once the composition is finished. When words fail to assure and keep you happier- it is when Classical Music comes for rescue! 

Grab a cozy place in your balcony, or occupy a hammock in the bright sunny day, to listen to these amazing ragas and appreciate their power in keeping the positive spirits going.

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