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Indian Web series with best Original Soundtracks – Score Short Reads

Indian Web series with best Original Soundtracks – Score Short Reads

Web series came as a breath of fresh air to Indian audiences fed up with all the Saas-Bahu content on television. And with all the amazing plots, acting and new approach came the music.

Just like the web series, the music was different too. They incorporated people who were not so known in Bollywood to make music. This different approach gave the audience an escape to listen to music apart from the Bollywood ones.

Here’s a list of Indian web series with the best original music that you should definitely add to your playlist. I can bet you’ll not be disappointed –

Tripling season 1

One of the very best web series by TVF this series is about 3 siblings on a trip and the music is produced by Amar Mangrulkar. The music of this season of this series is all you need on a trip, a combination of different kinds of music, from EDM to Folk to Fusion.

You’ll also hear different languages on this album including Hindi, English, Himachali(pahadi), Rajasthani, Punjabi, Kannada. The music will remind you of your childhood, your dreams, basically it is a trip down memory lane.

It’s really tough to choose the best songs from this album as each one is a very special song. The ones that you should definitely not miss are “Amma puchchadi”, “Mera sapna” “ Jee le zindagi”, “Going Home”

Tripling season 2

Just like season 1, this season’s music also is too good to be a miss. This time the producer is Nilotpal Bora and he has done an amazing job. The music this season too is a combination of different genres, languages and feels like you are on a trip around the country once you listen to it.

Sung by singers like Papon, Zubeen Garg, Swaroop Khan, and others, the music this time too is so good to choose a few as the best. You should surely listen to “ Ishq ka hafiz”, “ Rasta jahaan le chale”, “ Mon Chole Re”, “Patang”.

Permanent Roommates

The very first web series of India of course is on this list. Both the seasons had music produced, written, and sung by Vaibhav Bundhoo. Including both the seasons there were 11 songs and 5 background scores, each of them is different and you can feel the music in your bones.  Some of the best ones are “Jaane do”, “ Chahe kya mann mera” from season 1, “ Ishq bin kathin” from season 2. 

Fun fact: Bhuvan Bam in collaboration with Permanent Roommates released a song called “Teri Meri Kahani” composed both by him and Vaibhav Bundhoo. You should definitely listen to it if you haven’t already.

Broken but Beautiful

Unlike other series on this list, this one has music very much like Bollywood. Both the seasons of this ALT Balaji series had amazing music. “Yeh kya hua” sung by Shreya Goshal and Dev Negi and “Laute nhi” sung by Papon from season 1 represent the theme of the series perfectly which is finding love after losing someone.

Some of the best ones from season 2 are “O saajna” sung and written by Akhil Sachdeva, “Teri hogiyaan” sung and written by Vishal Mishra, “Shaamein” sung by Armaan Malik

There are many more series with amazing music such as Humorously Yours, Kota Factory, Four more shots please!, Girl in the City, Panchayat, Little Things etc. So now that we know a plethora of music that is here to stay, let’s explore and celebrate them as they should be.

Happy Listening!

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