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The Lost Symbols’ latest album ‘Farogh’ is a bold step toward creating resplendent tracks that String High on Lyrics While Keeping their Signature Music Intact: Score Indie Reviews

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The Lost Symbols is an Indian rock band founded in Jalandhar around 11 years ago but dissolved in 2015. But since 2019, they have been based in Jaipur and are back stronger with more amazing artists. They are traversing the path of new genres and have made their name by experimenting with varied sounds. Their latest album, ‘Farogh’, which means progress and advancement, symbolises their journey as a band and the never-ending voyage of life. 

Consisting of 8 tracks, this 44-minute music sensation is an amalgamation of rock music and penchant lyrics, which are sung especially in Urdu and Hindi. A special mention of the interesting names of the songs that have a deep meaning and intrigue the listener. The first song on the album is ‘Katleaam’, which has very interesting lyrics, though they feel a bit disjointed. The song begins with a strong guitar riff that emulsifies in the chorus with a full-on banger, which was refreshing to hear with a confluence of Western rock sensibility and Indianised lyrics. 

The next track, ‘Anantram,’ is reminiscent of some popular Bollywood songs that graced the screens in the 2010s. The vocals by Aman Raj expertly present his range, which makes the song even more likeable. ‘Din Barkha’ is a soulful song that begins with simple guitar strumming and meaningful lyrics. Some of the parts of the songs are sung in the Rajasthani language, which is perhaps a homage to their base, Jaipur, and is my favourite track from this album. 

‘Maukaprasat’ is more towards Hardrock, and even the vocals are synchronised similarly. This song feels pretty heavy, and the warmth of the lyrics gets somewhat lost in the rock music, which does not feel balanced. ‘Test’ and ‘Khwabeeda’, the culminating tracks of this album, are also experimental where, again, the lyrics are very thoughtful, but the music supersedes the same. 

Overall, this album is a bold step forward to merge two pole-apart genres, but they do it so splendidly that they feel like a match made in heaven. The lyrics are very well written and seek to say things in a completely new manner, which I admire. 

Verdict: Intelligent Lyrics, Rock, Innovative

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