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November 2023 issue ft Shruti Haasan on the cover!

Shruti Haasan: Unveiling the Multifaceted Artistry Explore the rich tapestry of Shruti Haasan’s artistry as we delve into her soulful symphony, unraveling the many facets of this versatile artist.

Purbayan Chatterjee’s “Fingertips” Journey through the musical landscape with Purbayan Chatterjee as he showcases the artistry of his fingertips, bringing alive the intricacies of his craft.

Music Tech: Turbocharge Your Plugins Discover five powerful ways to enhance your music production experience with our in-depth exploration of turbocharging techniques for plugins.

Guitar Insights: Saddles, Monitors, and Tuners

  • All About Guitar Saddles: Gain insights into the world of guitar saddles, understanding their significance in shaping your instrument’s sound.
  • Decoding Stage Monitors: Unravel the mysteries of stage monitors and their crucial role in the magic of live musical performances.
  • Evolution of Guitar Tuners: Journey through time as we explore the fascinating evolution of guitar tuners and their impact on modern music.

Double Bass Pedals vs. Double Bass Drums Navigate the choice between double bass pedals and drums, understanding the nuances that can shape your rhythmic expression.

Interview with Tricksingh Get an exclusive look into the mind of Tricksingh as we sit down for an insightful interview, exploring the artist’s creative process and musical journey.

Musical Equipment Trends

  • Emerging Singing Sensations: Meet seven rising stars from different regions, each bringing a unique flavor to the musical landscape.
  • Trending Gear in the Market: Stay updated on the latest trends in musical equipment, exploring what’s making waves in the industry.

Read About: How Do Stage Monitors Make Live Shows Happen Delve into the technicalities of stage monitors and understand how these devices play a pivotal role in delivering captivating live performances.

Know More: How Do EverTune Bridges Never Go Out of Tune Uncover the secrets behind EverTune Bridges and their revolutionary technology that ensures your instrument stays perfectly in tune, unlocking a new realm of sonic possibilities.

Read More: 5 Ways That Guitar Tuners Have Evolved Over Time Take a journey through the history of guitar tuners, exploring the innovations that have shaped the way we keep our instruments finely tuned.

Find Out: 7 Emerging Singing Sensations from Different Regions Meet the fresh faces in the music scene, as we spotlight seven emerging singing sensations, each contributing a distinct voice to the diverse world of music.

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