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The Fortune’s Move Ahead with Khaino marks yet another worthy foreign collab for the duo: Score Indie Reviews

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The producer-composer duo The Fortune has been pretty consistent with not just Indian releases but also cross-border collaborations. All Up On You and Tell Me Something are good examples in this regard for listeners who are new to their discography. As for their latest single Move Ahead, The Fortune joins forces with Italian singer Khaino while relying on Venezuelan writer Bryan Rios for the lyrics. 

As the title suggests, the song is a motivational electronic anthem that simply asks the listener to move ahead despite all shortcomings in life. However, rather than taking a preachy tone, Khaino’s warm vocals are comforting enough to turn the song into a reassuring call of hope. 

The post-pandemic era of Indian indie music has been filled with such optimistic tracks so it’s often difficult for pop artists to stand out. Much like The Fortune’s other tracks, Move Ahead works well for its sheer simplicity. It’s a hummable song with The Fortune not attempting to sound too over-the-top or melodramatic. The electro-pop production is reminiscent of upbeat anthems of the mid-2010s when Martin Garrix and the like had started their career. 

Even though a large share of Indian independent production duos are electronic or club artists, The Fortune has already proven their prowess with other genres like funk, R&B, and so on. The aforementioned Tell Me Something is a case in point that had a funk-heavy groove to it. 

But with The Fortune exploring their head-bobbing electronic vibe (along with lighter parts acoustic strumming) bear testimony to the duo’s ever-growing work of memorable collaborations. Move Ahead might not be the most unique anthemic track out there but it’s definitely worth praising when heard. 

Verdict: The Fortune delivers a healthy dose of optimism as usual. 

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