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Itra – Sukoon is a Gentle Breeze: Score Indie Reviews

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The loony duo of Itra started in a dorm room under the watchful eyes of a strict warden, bunking classes and sneaking in time to create music. In their musical journey, the desire to experiment and explore with different styles has led to the creation of music that can only be described as a potpourri of different genres.

Vinod, inspired by the amalgamation of poetry and song-writing along with Naren who weaves music to go with its rhythm, have devised their own fragrance of songs which is what Itra is today. They have delivered enigmatic singles like: Katputli to melancholic and dark Shaitani Zindagi and the infamous groovy Ab Na Pila. They have been featured across popular music platforms and have developed a fan following as well. The talented duo is back with their ninth single “Itra”, and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

“Sukoon” was inspired, composed, written and recorded during Vinod and Naren’s two day trip to Chikmagalur. When you listen to “Sukoon” for the first time, you will witness a demonstration of the subtle subjectivity inherent in the appreciation of music. It is a gentle shimmer of a song with inspiration drawn from the stunning landscapes of the Western Ghats.

The musical arrangements on “Sukoon” are sensitive and subtle, with great performances to boot. Old memories intertwine with new possibilities, and the song’s easy pace and effortless musicianship give it a timeless feel. Across the whole breadth of “Sukoon” there is a kind of alchemy at work: Vinod and Naren use ostensibly simple musical ingredients to create a song that feels like it will stay with the listeners for a long time. 

Buoyed by serene songwriting and poignant performance by the duo, “Sukoon” definitely does a great job of showing the burgeoning Indian indie music scene in great light.

Verdict: Tranquil.

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