Marching to Her Own Beat-Score Short Reads

Marching to Her Own Beat

Drumming is usually considered to be a field that is dominated by men in general. Regardless of the type of music, a woman sitting on a drum stool and grooving away isn’t a common sight. However, if you take a closer look, you will find out that the drumming community and industry aren’t as skewed towards men as one might assume.

There are quite a few women who are helming the drum kit and infecting us with their incredible grooves. Surprisingly enough, female drummers are more common in testosterone-dripping genres of music such as rock and heavy metal. On this International Women’s Day, we will take a look at two fabulous women drummers from India who are marching to their own beats. 

Beat 1: How did it start?

Siddhi Shah was drawn to playing drums after consuming a steady diet of rock and metal music during her teenage years. She also draws inspiration from dance and art, all of which helped set her up on the path of becoming a drummer.

Sapna Desai’s affinity towards drumming runs in her genes. Her father is a drummer and she was always attracted to the majestic charm of a drum set. Surprisingly enough, her parents were against her drumming pursuit. But just like her sense of time and tempo, she stayed strong and never wavered.

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