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Tell Me Something finds The Fortune and Shawn O’ Donnell expressing their highly funky avatars: Score Indie Reviews

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There’s hardly any minute, any moment in Tell Me Something that seems dull. This new release by the producer/composer duo known as The Fortune is bound to instantly cheer up its listeners. A particular lyric from the track goes like, ‘I want to see you smile’. And members Dr Dhananj Shivganesh and Nikhil Pradip live up to this emotion as it’s an instantly feel-good track that can make anyone smile. 

Before delving into the music, the focus can be drawn on its official music video. Directed by Shivmode, the video features Akhil ‘Lucid’ Joshy flaunt his agile and smooth choreography while Chakki Malavika looks on with a smile, eventually joining him as the video ends. Whoever scouted for the video’s location pulled off a good job, as the visual setting seems to go perfectly with the naturally energetic and pacifying tone of the song. For those who have watched the music video to Donald Glover’s Summertime Magic (in which Glover dances merrily to win over Rihann), they would be grinning ear to ear with a video like this.

Coming to the song itself, the funky sound is bound to turn Tell Me Something into a foot-tapping number. Compared to the indie releases we have heard so far this year, this one is such a track that it instantly makes you fall in love with it. Featured guest Shawn O’ Donnell’s vocals are jaunty, fresh, and very easy to ‘vibe’ to. No wonder the aforementioned charming video goes along with it.

The beauty of The Fortune’s production is that it sounds like contemporary funk while bearing intentional or unintentional roost from classic funk typical of legendary non-Indian funk outfits like Kool & The Gang. The trumpets, the guitars, the overall highs and lows in the song’s general mood, it all contributes greatly to make The Fortune’s new single a song worthy of being played on repeat. 

In fact, even in terms of singing, O’Donnell’s free and easy style seems to be the right kind, evoking a bit of modern-day R&B singer like Robin Thicke or an older funk/soul icon like Ronald Bell (the lead singer of Kool & The Gang). In short, Tell Me Something has a lot of things that can be appreciated. It turns out to be a highly promising collaboration that comes off as a breath of fresh air in an indie scene that was lately being crowded with otherwise slow-paced mellowed-down releases. 

Verdict: Foot-tapping, head-bobbing goodness. 

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