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The Coconut Milk Project – The Idol: Score indie Reviews

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The Coconut Milk Project sings about things that need to be spoken of. Things they, and people they know, are going through. They want to start conversations, evoke emotions, and strike a chord with their listeners. The two member Chennai based duo of Pavithra Krishnaswamy and Goutham Kumar is back with its latest offering “The Idol”, and that’s what we are reviewing.

“The Idol” is a song dedicated to fathers. While there might be an autobiographical slant to the track, with Goutham Kumar singing to his father (with Pavithra Krishnaswamy’s soaring harmonies in the background), but in essence, it speaks for everyone who has a loving relationship with their father. Whether your father is strict and regimental like an army drill sergeant or he is Daddy Cool, you will be able to relate to this track. 

Musically speaking, The Coconut Milk Project does a commendable job of simply going in, doing the job, and getting out again with a less is more attitude. This song doesn’t make you feel like kicking the furniture around in your house, but it does make you want to speak to your father immediately. Great art speaks to the heart and if you love your father, “The Idol” will speak to you.

The Coconut Milk Project’s ‘The Idol’ is a bristlingly loving and musically pleasant track. It emanates the same assurance that a father’s love does. The song is just over two minutes long, but it says a lot in that brief period of time, just like a father’s love. It’s generally not as honey tinged and persistent as a mother’s love but when you feel it, you know it. It might last a moment in real life, but it lives in your heart forever. 

Verdict: Sincere.

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