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“The Best Thing I Never Had” video released today!


Beyonce releases the video of “The Best Thing I Never Had”, featuring derriere.

 4 is currently the #1 album in America, making it her fourth consecutive solo album to do so, and making her only the third artist in history to have his or her first four studio albums debut atop the Billboard album chart. Beyonce’s previous albums did extremely well with the help of features with her now husband. Not to mention her then manager aka Daddy dearest. Unfortunately now, Daddy’s been sacked. For a girl who had her daddy manage her music since her debut, I’d say she’s doing rather well. July 7th marks the release of her much awaited video of the song, “The Best Thing I Never Had”. 

As the song begins, Knowles looks towards the camera directing the words at the viewer, while affirming the subject of the song that he was the best she never had. From there, the video moves to Knowles playing with a tiara, a veil and lots of tulle on a bed, to various stages of getting dressed. Yes Indeed. The video begins with her confidently strutting around her bedroom in her neglige, and ends with her in a beautifully cascaded wedding dress. Though her bod from ‘crazy in love’ isn’t still prominently present, she looks graceful none-the-less, because there is much less shaking of beyonce’s famed derriere.

[youtube_video id=FHp2KgyQUFk]

The song is a blatant rant on her high school boyfriend that didn’t treat her like she should have been. This is confirmed by a short clipping of Beyonce, and our subject, the knight in shining armour, grinding against another girl, while young Beyonce just stood there flustered without a dance partner and crossage-less. Yes, he did not get her a crossage. Seems to me, that for a guy like that, she’s been quite polite in telling the world that he is simply, the best thing she never had. 

The video also features Beyonce, in a scene where she acts out a wedding, where she is wedded to a man, who is obviously not her high school boyfriend. Amen to that. 

Tell us, what do you think of Beyonce’s new video?

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