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Rebecca Black announces 5 song EP

Internet sensation Rebecca Black is all set to release a 5 song EP in August this year. This ensuing a single that she will release on Monday next week.

14 year old YouTube sensation, Rebecca Black announced earlier this week that she is working on a 5 track EP and plans on releasing it as early as August this year. She also added that she she’s set to debut her follow-up single to ‘Friday‘ titled ‘My Moment‘. The track is reported to be about the singer’s meteoric rise to fame and is set to hit her YouTube channel on Monday July 18th. 

The video for the track shows Black getting an award at her high school and attending numerous red carpet events. Her official webpage explains the video as “the story of her sudden rise to fame… a fairytale story, but it happened in real life.”
Black teamed with Quinton Tolbert and Justin Bieber collaborator Brandon “Blue” Hamilton for her latest release.

For those of you who believe in second chances, go ahead and mark your calendars. As for everyone else, the end of the world doesn’t sound so far fetched now does it? 

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