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The best jazz bands in India that you need to listen to – Score Short Reads

Jazz music is a surreal form of music. It calms you and rejuvenates you completely. Internationally, jazz music enjoys a massive following and now, the Indian audience has been readily accepting this form of music in the past few years. We have curated a list of jazz bands that are creating phenomenal music in the Indian industry. Do take a note of these incredible musicians and get them in your playlist:


Drift is a band which has an excellent expertise in providing a classic jazz experience. The band launched their first album Nico in 2013 and ever since then, they have been creating amazing music. The band is known for fusing classical jazz with many elements of contemporary Bebop. 

UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble

This is one of the most well-known jazz bands in India. The band is Bangaluru based and is led by musician, Radha Thomas who is trained in Indian classical music. UNK was formed in 2011 and ever since then the band has been performing in India and abroad.

Rajeev Raja Combine

The band is experimental and unique in every sense. This band is known for creating fusion of melodic sounds of flute with classical and Italian jazz tunes. The vocalist of the band is also the flutist of the band. There is much popular music created by the band, including the album “Cosmic Chant”. 

The Jazz B’Stards

A one-of-a-kind jazz bands which is playing not only with rhythms but lyrics as well. This band is probably the only Indian famous band which has brought sarcastic lyrics in jazz music. So, if you are personally fond of sarcasm, you are sure to like this jazz band.

Fubar Ghetto

An instrumental jazz band from Delhi which offers its audience with ample of serene tunes and sounds. Formed in 2010, the band has gradually made a good name for itself in the industry. The band is distinctively known for providing music inspired by classic rock, jazz and blues. Their music is smooth and carries an aura of sensuality. 

The Latination

The Latination is one of the very few Latin jazz bands in India. This renowned band was formed in 2014 in Kolkata and ever since then, the band has played a crucial part in introducing this style of jazz music to the Indian audience. The Latination has a talented mix of French and Indian musicians. The band was founded by Emmanuel Simon who is a versatile musician from Paris. The Latination consists of three other skilled members as well.  


One of the most popular jazz boy bands in India. The band is known for creating unconventional music. Syncopation blends elements of funk, swing and bebop. Founded in 2009, the musicians have been producing music which is centered around soulful melodies with modern funky grooves with a touch of improvisations.  

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