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8 Jazz band and musicians in India that you need to listen to

The Indian jazz scene is on a roll! The popularity of this surreal genre of music is surely on a rise among the Indian audience. Just like in other countries, jazz music in India can be seen indulging in experimentations.

The new-age Indian jazz bands and musicians are readily introducing perennial rhythms. Thus, the audience of jazz music has been tremendously increasing. Some of the major bands who have stirred the India jazz scene have been listed below. Do take a note of these incredible musicians and get them in your playlist:


HFT is jazz band of three members and is known for infusing jazz notes with Indian music in a savvy way. This is band undeniably tops the charts in the Indian jazz scene. To get a vibe of their music, check out their YouTube channel named, HFTMusicIndia.

The Beer Puppets

Another amazing jazz band formed by 3 members. Based in Calcutta, this soothing band has slowly gained a national popularity. They usually club neo soul and experimental music with jazz. To listen to their calming and breezy music, search for their channel on YouTube.


One of the most popular jazz boy bands in India. Syncopation experiences an immense fan following for their unconventional form of music. This jazz band is known for blending contemporary jazz tunes with funk and swing music. To check out their incredibly captivating work, visit and give a hear!


Totally fresh and truly mind-calming, this is a band in the Indian jazz block that produces music which is out-of-the-box. In this band, you are going to listen to a jazz quartet performing with an exquisite pianist. Sounds interesting, right? Here to them once and you’ll crave for more. You can find Refuge at

The Vinay Kaushal Collective

Vinay Kaushal and his band members are known for creating the-new jazz music. They mix up serene jazz tunes with blues and rock! Yes, it’s a treat for the ears. The Vinay Kaushal Collective was formed by Vinay Kaushal who studied music at the Guitar Institute of Technology, L.A. You can easily find their music on YouTube.


Drift is a boy band which is popular for creating classic jazz music. Not just that, you will also find many of their songs fused with elements of contemporary Bebop. The band launched an album called Nico, back in 2013, which is a complete masterpiece. To listen to the classical tunes of this jazz band, search for ‘Drift Trio’ on YouTube.

Rajeev Raja Combine

Ever wondered what would the fusion of melodic sounds of flute with classical and Italian jazz tunes sound like? Well, here is a band doing exactly that and much more. The flautist of the band is also the vocalist. You must listen to their album “Cosmic Chant”, it’s an incredible mix of delightful and intelligent music. Check out this band at

The Jazz B’Stards

This jazz band is undeniably one of the most innovate Indian bands. They create modern jazz music in a truly exciting way. If you are fond of sarcasm, then you are sure to connect with this band deeply. You can visit their Facebook page and listen to their music easily.

Jazz is an exceptionally serene form of music. The jazz musicians spell a story even through their rhymes and tunes. It carries a ‘read-between-the-lines’ kind-of beauty and thankfully, Indian audience is now exploring more of this genre. Thus, giving this music the love that it truly deserves.

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