Band of the month: Chennai Street Band – Score Short Reads

How was the band formed and when?

In 2015 , I (Srihari Jagannathan – Front Man/Music Producer) met Goutham healer (Drummer) on facebook requesting him to play for one charity gig that was happening in Ethiraj College chennai. We put up a set of musicians together and while jamming for the show me and gowtham shared a similar passion and vision to create our own music.

That’s how the Chennai Street Band was formed. We released our first indie single in 2017 , It was a bi-lingual single titled Udd Chal in Hindi and Veliye Vaa kannama in Tamil. We collaborated with the bollywood singing sensation Jonita Gandhi and a renowned tamil playback singer Sharanya Srinivas for this.

Post this we formed a line up to perform live with musicians Akshay Yesodharan(Guitar) , Renin Raphel (Guitars) , Adithya Gopi(Bass), Sebastian Satish(Keys). From there on we produced and released our first full length album “Payanangal” in November 2019. Currently we are working on the release of our second full -length album which is a bi-lingual titled “ÜPLIFT ‘’

How would you describe the music that you typically create? 

Well , I would describe our music as Honest and uplifting. By that I mean, we don’t create something just to follow the trend. As an artist , I want to tell a story. It can be about me , my experience or it can be our collective perspective on something but it needs to be honest.

If i write something and I don’t feel inspired by it the next day, I don’t take it to the band. But if a thought or a story is inspiring us or pushing us, then we sit together and put hours into it to make it a song, because the overall aim is to just tell a story.

I remember music uplifting me the first time I ever encountered it. So all we want is for our music to be pretty much the same.Our first album “Payanangal” is a true story of how one can find peace within themselves when they are lost.

We just wanted the music to go and hug anyone who was feeling lost at that point in time. With “UPLIFT” our new album, its keeping your inner child alive so we just want people to feel happy and cheerful when they plug in and listen to it.

Band of the month: Chennai Street Band - Score Short Reads
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