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Tech Panda and Kenzani’s Latest ‘Kulli’ is a Medley of Arabian Nights and Punjabi Folk Straight To Rule the Charts – Score Indie Reviews

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After the success of the phenomenal ‘Dilbar’, which became a common staple in all the clubs in India and abroad, Delhi-based producer duo Tech Panda (Rupinder Nanda) and Kenzani (Kedar Santwani) are back with an absolute banger. Kulli is a brilliant track which takes inspiration from middle eastern beats that will transport you to a land of azure sands and scorching sun. 

This one is a rendition of the old Sufi song, ‘Kulli Vichon Ni Yaar Labh Lai’, that was sung by legendary singers like Bibi Nooran. To make this classic gain even more young audiences, Tech Panda and Kenzani have done a splendid job in crafting a song which is creative and mellifluous.

The song takes you on a journey to the origins of Sufism which the song is based upon. Taking a cue from the folktronica, which they skillfully mastered with their previous hit, this one fuses electronic with the folk Punjabi song. The Arabic oud strums as a powerful and scintillating tune emerges to engulf the listener in the rhythms of a faraway land. 

The song takes a cue from the music tradition of Maghreb, about which the duo states, “Though the Middle Eastern sound wasn’t something they’d planned on, the sounds of the oud complemented the vocals. Listening to this feels nostalgic as well as uplifting at the same time.” 

The duo further gained international fame with their song ‘Sunflower’, which was featured in the blockbuster 2023 movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. They have done it again with this track which is sure to be downloaded to the playlist of everyone, which seals the deal of the rising love for Sufi music in the country. 

Verdict: Folksy Vibe, Uptempo Beat, Middle Eastern Tune

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