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Renao’s Double EP, A Space Between Orange and Blue, is The Epitome of Chill and Suave – Score Indie Reviews

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The latest addition to the well-established discography of Bangalore-born and London-based artist Rahul Prasad known by his stage name Renao hits all the right spots. The nine songs in the album ‘A Space Between Orange and Blue’ are an ode to the pop singer’s Indian roots and his connection to his new home in London. The orange signifies the saffron colour of the Indian flag, while the blue is the British counterpart and his vast experiences between the two. 

The second song of the album, ‘Blind’, is a great pop track to play when you are chilling in the car with your friends. ‘Day Off’ feels like Bruno Mars’s song ‘The Lazy Song’, where he sings about not doing anything and relaxing alone. Like that vibe, this track also calls for a quick break from fast-paced lives.

‘Always B Mine’ is a song on the EP whose interlude includes the singer’s grandmother’s tender voice with the lyrics from the lullaby she used to sing to him in childhood. The song is a firm testimony of his uniqueness which diverts from being just another pop song but transcends into being more of an exclusive ballad. 

‘Longing’ and ‘Break It Down’ are alternative R&B tracks about love and its great impact on each aspect of life, culminating in an intense feeling of infatuation and longing. 

This album has a lot of inner retrospection, which comes from moving to a different environment and facing new challenges and opportunities. It has influences from South Asian art coupled with the trending pop songs of the West. Renao is confident in his artistry and explores the genres he loved as a child. Throughout the album, it did not feel like an Indian artist was behind these tracks as it relied heavily on the Western pop genre, and there was little connection to Indian tunes. Overall it’s an easy breezy, and upbeat EP which has the potential to appeal to the younger audience. 

Verdict: Warm, Pop, Alternative R&B.

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