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Daira – Basar is Anthemic; Score Indie Reviews

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Since their formation in 2014, Mumbai based Daira has enthralled its listeners with its brand of high energy Hindi ‘Art Rock’. Daira’s music is a blend of Alternative and Psychedelic Rock infused with a desi brand of humour. Daira is very well known for its band members’ striking stage persona and a theatrical live set.

Pioneers of the beautiful sound of ‘Awadhi Rock’, Daira sing all their songs in Hindi and Urdu and feature powerful vocals, tasty riffs and groovy bass lines. The band has released three albums since 2014. The quintet of Pratik Kulgod (drums), Sourya Mukherjee (bass), Shivam Pant (guitar), Vikalp Sharma (guitar) and Piyush Kapoor (vocals) has released its latest single “Basar” and that’s the track we are reviewing here.

“Basar” talks about recognizing your talent, pursuing it and keeping at it. The song is a homage to everyone who identifies their passion, does not hesitate in taking the tough road and making a livelihood out of what they are respected for. In these gloomy times where the global pandemic has impaired the functionality of mankind and the world is limping back to normalcy, “Basar” strives to set the tone of inspiration for its listeners. Needless to say, inspiration is what the world desperately needs right now.

Part of what makes “Basar” (and Daira’s music in general) interesting, especially from an alternative rock perspective is the fact that Daira manages to smuggle bits of desi eccentricities into the rousing, arena-filling tracks. Daira is known for infusing their music with humour, but there is never a trace of ironic smirk in the band’s music and on “Basar”, the band’s earnestness truly shines (and that’s when the band is at its best). Yes, Daira is having a good time while playing and recording “Basar” but there is no hint of cheesiness or mawkishness n the performance.

“Basar” is driven by a groovy and tight rhythm section with some smooth alternative rock riffs layered over it. The musical arrangement is tight and holds its end very well as Piyush Kapoor’s vocals take the song to the next level. The song’s highlights build up gradually in a step like fashion, eventually culminating in the anthemic “whoa ohhh”. That part of the song is built for a live spectacle and you can easily visualize a crowd singing this part along with the band.

With “Basar”, Daira has delivered yet another gem in their very own Awadhi-Alternative-Art Rock genre.

Verdict: A rousing alt rock anthem that will be glorious live.

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