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Kyun Hota Hai is a pretty and relaxed track that is a great addition to Tanmaya Bhatnagar’s catalogue – Score Indie Reviews

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A voice and writing style that is a culmination of her influences like Lizzy McAlpine and Elliot Smith, Tanmaya Bhatnagar’s latest release ‘kyun hota hai’ is smooth and serene. It fits in really well with her catalogue which is impressive. Her first Hindi single ‘kya tum naraaz ho’ put her on the map and had people talking about her music and her style of singing. The intimate and mellow mood her music sets, is very reminiscent of her influences. 

Her lyrical style is also reminiscent of her influences where she goes to write and talk about everyday mundane life and the complexity and beauty of being in a loving relationship. What sets apart this track is that the vocals are set to a very modern-sounding beat-driven instrumental track. Her vocals which have a delicate sound to them, are supported by good production and a ton of harmonies. The lyrical phrasing however, can seem very abrupt and disconnected in places. And the track runs the risk of sounding monotonous and too simple. It could use some more spice (add to taste). The ending makes up for it by giving you a little bit of the same thing, but differently. 

As an addition to her catalogue, Tanmaya Bhatnagar has a solid track under her belt. As a track to listen to, its an easy-going mellow track with good lyrics. A colourful video to cap it all off, does the trick. It is a catchy track with some great production on it and one that is sure to set the mood to be a mellow rainy-day and hot cup of coffee (or tea) kind of track. 

Verdict: Smooth and serene, and will keep you company on a chilly evening along with your hot cup of coffee or tea.

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