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Akanksha Sethi pulls at your heartstrings with her new release ‘Raaz Tera Mera’. – Score Indie Reviews

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A small and simple acoustic arrangement with soothing lyrics has the power to create a good cozy little vibe and Akanksha Sethi does just that with her single ‘Raaz Tera Mera’. Creating an intimate vibe through her music is something Akanksha has gotten good at with her last few singles. ‘Thoda sa Theher’ and ‘Winter’ follow a similar philosophy and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

The beauty of simple arrangements is, it really lets the vocals and the lyrics take the spotlight. The room that the vocalist has, is really helpful to craft some intricate melodies with really brilliant phrasing. Akanksha has taken advantage of the room and freedom and she’s built a beautiful vocal line. With a great command over her phrasing, she creates a brilliant narrative and makes the entire track become a lovely storytelling experience. 

With an endearing music video to accompany the song’s story, the whole narrative that is experienced is one that leaves the listeners feeling warm and fuzzy. However, it does run the risk of lacking variety and becoming too linear (especially towards the second chorus). But the bridge that follows, brings in a new dimension to the narrative and gives us something new to play with. And, sprinkling a few tasteful harmonies always adds a new dimension of musicality. 

Musicians and songwriters use their skills to create narratives and tell brilliant stories through it all. It comes down to how best we want to speak of our experiences. So does that make us more story tellers or musicians? Well that’s something each artist decides and the songs that they put out serve as evidence. Akanksha Sethi finds a balance that works for her and It doesn’t overdo either. The room to explore ideas is immense and may be something for a brilliant live set. But as it stands, tt’s just the right amount of music and storytelling that plays to her strengths and tells a touching story.

Verdict: A simple yet intimate narrative told through serene songwriting without any unnecessary distractions.

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