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Kiara Chettri satisfies our hankering for that old-timey rock’n’roll with her single ‘What We Could Be’ – Score Indie Reviews

A bold departure from her previous piano and orchestral track ‘Why’, ‘What We Could Be’ is a rock ballad that will appeal to all of us who really love jumping around to the sound of loud guitars and drums and screaming with the vocalist. In what may appear to be a pool of acoustic and pretty sounding songs, Kiara isn’t afraid to be the loud one. The versatility of her musicianship can be seen through her performances and YouTube catalogue; she can make pretty songs and she can make them really well. With this release, she shows us she can rock and roll and be loud too. Versatility is always welcome; gives us a variety of music we can listen to while grounding us with a common denominator. 

‘What We Could Be’ is a simple time-tested arrangement of guitars, drums, bass and vocals with sound effects acting as embellishments, giving it an almost Taylor Swift-y vibe. Her performance of the vocal part is diverse (she could turn this into a piano ballad and own it) but uncluttered; which is a running theme in the entire song. It’s tried-and-true and delivers a great package. But maybe it was too uncluttered. There’s a lot of room that can be filled by many things. The ending did have me desperate for a shredderific or bluesy guitar solo but that could just be the ear worm that Porcupine Tree left in me.

Indian Independent Music has a strong rock and roll presence and this track is a great jam both live and through a recording. Kiara Chettri’s foray into the world of Indian Rock and Roll is likely to open a ton of doors for the 18 year old artist. Her musical journey is on a steep rise and this is definitely a dramatic step in all the right directions, which leaves us wanting for more. 

Verdict: An exciting and fresh entry into the world of Rock and Roll for Kiara; a great song for us to listen and rock out to.

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