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Tallest Man On Earth: 1904

Here’s a treat for fans of The Tallest Man On Earth: a new free track available for download from his new album. 

Come June 12th, The Tallest Man On Earth about whom I have waxed elonquent in this space before, is releasing a new album: There’s No Leaving Now. calls the album “a wish-wash of words, a poetic storm blowing by.” Whether Kristian Matsson is still chanelling the undead ghost of Bob Dylan remains to be seen.

The new single 1904, which has him pondering on the state of death and, uh breaking and entering is available for free download from Rolling Stone Magazine. So if you feel like spending a surreally beautiful four minutes, I suggest you go here and check it out.  

[youtube_video id=ibEwxlV1ac4] 

The song’s refrain, “shook the earth in 1904” is as catchy as they come, and the sparse, high-range notes sprinkled throughout the song shine. Instead of the modern trend of heaping layers on lyers and emerging with something that sounds like two fax machines making love (lookin’ atcha’ Skrillex fans), it is unique how the entire spce can be filled with a single guitar and an amiable growly voice. 

There’s something ethereal about the quality of The Tallest Man’s sound, a feeling of timelessness. You could be listening to a song written anytime during the last century, in any number of situations: And I think that works wonderfully for a song of this lyrical quality. 

But enough yappin’. Give it a listen, and decide for yourself. 

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