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Wacken Metal Battle!

Be a part of the nation’s biggest metal festival on June 16, 2012.

Bangalore Open Air, organized by Infinite Dreams, will provide a major platform for Indian metal bands across India. It will provide an opportunity for aspiring metal bands across the country to showcase and play their music on a global platform. But the path to it is hard and long, young padawan. To play at BOA, you must compete in the brutal Wacken Metal Battle and come out alive and a winner! What is Wacken metal battle, some of you living under a rock creatures will ask?

The Wacken Metal Battle is a contest founded in 2004 and started just as an idea to boost the future generations of Heavy Metal and Rock musicians across the world. It started with the first contest winners in 2004: “Reckless Tide”, a band from Germany won the first prize on the first metal battle and got a record deal with the Wacken Open Air owned label Armageddon Music. The following winners are well known names in today’s world of music like “Gorilla Monsoon”, “Drone”, “Torture Squad” from Brazil, the Israeli band “The Fading”, “Crysys” from Spain and last but not least “Hammer cult” also from Israel. 

Bangalore Open Air won’t be a Wacken replica though. As Wacken’s vice president told a music magazine, “We don´t think that B.O.A wants to be a copy of Wacken Open Air. They will find their own unique style that fits the Indian market and fans.

Registrations are open till 16 May, 2012 for Wacken Metal Battle in cities as Bangalore, Guwahati, New Delhi and Mumbai. 

Schedule for the Wacken Metal Battle- Zonal level





24 May 2012

To be confirmed


27 May 2012


03 June 2012


10 June 2012

The four winners from these cities will go on to fight the final battle at Bangalore Open Air in Bangalore on June 16, 2012

Infinite Dreams will name at least two or three respected people from the music business to act as judges. There is no public vote. Their jury decides by quality not by superficial facts! 


 • Band members must have valid Indian Passports to apply (All zonal winners will have to carry their passports for verification before their performance)

• Bands have to travel to the city finals and to the ultimate battle in Bangalore at their own expense.


• The organizers will provide the P.A. and the lighting equipment every band will then use.

• The organizers provide all lighting and audio engineers.

• The bands bring their own instruments such as guitars, bass, keyboards and effect pedals and may also bring and use their own guitar amps.

• To keep the changeover times as short as possible, bands with left handed drummers will play as first or last band. All bands have to follow the directions given by the organizers or stage manager.

• Semi playback is not allowed. All bands must play live.

• The performance time for each band is at least 20 minutes.

• If a band over-runs its allotted performance-time, then the band-members should be aware of the fact that in this case their sound will be faded out.

• The running order for the concert will be released a few days before the event takes place. 

All bands, that wish to participate in the Metal Battle, must read the following rules and guidelines. Bands who send in an application automatically agree to the rules and terms.

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