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Tenacious D: Curing Rocks Pneumonia?

Tenacious D think that Rock isn’t dead yet, but it is “very, very ill. It has pneumonia.” 

One would conventionally think that Rock and Roll would contract some cool sexually transmitted disease. Like Syphillis. Or Genital Warts. But that is Tenacious D for you, always set to defy convention. 

The actors and part-time musicians, Jack Black and Kyle Gass (that’s two s’s) have returned to their unique space of rock music powered double entendre’s with a new offering, Rize Of The Fenix.

(A name which they describe as a “throbbing penis of a title.”)

[youtube_video id=XV7V8Yj5Z-U]

Yup, thirty-nine and still lookin’ young. Not as much as the musicians, but whatever dude. 

So how does our favourite animated panda fare musically? 

This is only the bands third a outing in their 18 year long career. And so far all reviews have been, unanimously negative. Find here. here. And here

But don’t swamp your day with so much negative energy, man. While musically Tenacious D is still the equivalent of my three year old nephew beating his tiffin box and air guitaring, it’s still a whole lot of fun. Laden with double entendres and dirty jokes, and a lot of self depracatory jokes, at the very least the album offers better laughs than an average George Carlin skit. 

Besides, who doesn’t like dirty jokes with drum beats? Amiright, guys? 

Take the title track for instance: 

[youtube_video id=aGn1s3b_WKQ]

Most of it is a contemplation of what would happpen to all those Tenacious fans who had D tattoos after their last album bombed. Poor fuck’s would have to laser that right off. And then what happens at the D revival?  Comedy gold. 

Besides, there is a song about the “motherfucking Deth Starr.

[youtube_video id=aqE31g1J0Dw]

Foo Fighters’ unstoppable verbal diarrhea machine Dave Grohl is the drummer for this album, and is pretty good as usual. (I for one, will always be fan of Tenacious D for beating Devil Grohl a rock-off back at Pick Of Destiny.)

In conclusion, I will say what I always say: give this one a listen if you are have a couple of pointless hours to fill, and who are we kidding? You do. You can find the whole thing at youtube for now. 

And oh, here’s a little gay skit I found in the middle of the album, and I dunno what to think of it. 

[youtube_video id=0dgeR_wbjLc]

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