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Taba Chake’s Blush is a light-hearted pop melody marking the return of the singer’s signature feel-good style: Score Indie Reviews

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Taba Chake released his album Bombay Dreams last year, increasing his fanbase and being no less than an Indian indie icon. The singer-songwriter returns in full form with his latest single aptly titled Blush. It’s a feel-good love song that makes good use out of its simple lyrics and merry composition.

Even though it might initially sound like just another acoustic indie song (the ones we’re used to hearing on either the six-stringer or the ukulele), Blush does boast of some increasingly catchy and upbeat guitar solos and drumming. 

The chorus sounds sweet and affectionate, echoing a vivid, lively soundscape. All these elements combine to give it a very dream pop feel, much like the discography of Parekh and Singh or foreign artists like Rex Orange County. Maybe, Blush’s good vibes can also serve as much-needed escapism for some. After all, one can easily picture a song like this being used in a colourful music video, or even a children’s show episode like Oswald (that would be taking it too far but Blush equates that level of positivity)!

While some might argue that the song isn’t as introspective as the tracks in Bombay Dreams, but not every single needs to be an exercise in philosophy in the end. For what it’s worth, Blush is a charming track that anyone could sing to their beloved. And it’s this universality that makes it a song worth listening to. As for comparison, it’s too early to draw any parallels as one doesn’t know what the Arunachal-bred artist would cook up in the coming days.

Verdict: An adorable, charming tune on innocent romance. 

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