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Sunny M.R. will put you in a trance with his upbeat single Panchhi- Score Indie Reviews

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Right from its opening minutes, Sunny M.R.’s Panchhi would fill you with a fast-paced optimistic mood. Producing, writing, and performing the song, Sunny M.R. relies on fresh electronic sounds to weave a free-spirited
anthem that inspires listeners to never lose hope and fly through the good
times and the bad times that life has to offer.

Panchhi benefits from an upbeat chorus and an even more upbeat music
interlude. The beat drop after towards the end serves as a perfect closing
minute to the song. When it comes to songs with an electronic sound and
positive vibes, artists like Ritviz were dominating their respective genres.
But even such artists have lately been struck with a wave of monotony.
Sunny M.R.’s single easily fills this vacuum, dropping with a fresh mood
and the perfect timing.

Even though his lyrics are of a philosophical nature, they are simple enough to be comprehended at the first time when anyone listens to the song. The dancey production also yields a fresh ‘Indianized’ sound that one would hear in folk theatre performances and other similar musical traditions.

Having dabbled in various independent pursuits along with notable credits
for soundtracks of Telugu and Hindi films, Sunny M.R. is on his way to carve a niche of his own. And singles like this only go on to show his proficiency in the various arenas of writing and producing music. Panchhi is worthy of several listening sessions as its simple lyrics, heartfelt vocals, and cheery production have a lot to offer to its listeners. Panchhi is heartwarming, peppy, and delivers on a positivity that’s much needed this year.

Verdict: Sunny M.R. would make you fly away to a cheerful world with his
new track Panchhi.

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