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Delhi-based alt-rock group Cyanide re-releases their acclaimed debut album Sugarcoated

Before every Indian artist were busy ‘Spotifying’ their music, some music
outfits heavily relied on other channels and platforms especially up to the
early 2010s. Delhi-based alt-rockers Cyanide had similarly cemented their
reputation at several concerts through initiatives like Channel V Launchpad
and the Great Indian Rock Concerts.

Cyanide’s debut EP was released in 2010 but they have been in the game
for a pretty long time. The band’s foundations were laid in the year 2003
with the idea being born out of a ‘school band with rock and roll dreams’’.

In 2010, the band managed to come out with their first EP Not Over Yet and
the year 2011 was marked with their sophomore effort and debut album
titled Sugarcoated. Even though the band broke up in 2013 after a ten-year stint, each member has chartered his own territories in music. Rohan Solomon who served as the frontman and vocalist indulges in his own singles and albums as a singer-songwriter and sound engineer. Guitarist Nikhil Malik has adopted the alter ego of pop-rap producer Iconyk. Drummer Srijan Mahajan is displaying his percussion skills with the cult Indian rock band Parikrama while releasing solo works as Pupster Music.

However, the good news for Cyanide fans is that the band has recently digitized their old releases for streaming services. This includes the aforementioned debut album Sugarcoated that features Find You, one of their most popular singles. The band seems to have a mini-reunion of sorts with this news along with lead singer Rohan Solomon uploading his chats
with the bandmates on social media platforms. The band members reminiscence on old anecdotes, music, and their memories as Cyanide.
As for Sugarcoated, the 2011 album is available on Spotify, Apple Music,
iTunes, and Deezer.

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