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Summer Paradise: Song Review

Simple Plan have released a Sean Paul version of ‘Summer Paradise’ from  their album, ‘Get Your Heart On’.

Simple Plan have always been known for their exceedingly emo songs. Even the socially outcast kids with acne, back braces, and confused sexual orientations wouldn’t be that whiny. Pretending to understanding the life of an average teenager, they churned out songs with a primary theme of ‘Nobody gets us’ disguised under peppy music.

Their recent remixed single Summer paradise, on the first listen seems to be a far cry from their usual teen angst.  However, when you pay close attention to the song, you realise that the sly things have managed to shove in some woeful tale of heartbreak amongst all the perky la da da da’s. Once again they’ve taken a perfectly good tune, a good singer, good music and stabbed it all with the lyrics.

The song’s original version featured K’naan. But a couple of days back they released a remixed version with Sean Paul doing his thing. If you don’t pay a lot of attention to the lyrics, it’s a nice breezy affair with picturesque scenary on the album cover. Along with having a very carribean feel, it’ll manage to get your spirits up while you’re sipping on those colourful Bahama mamas.

For a band who call themselves Simple Plan, things just seem to be very complicated. Give ‘ Summer Paradise’ a listen. No it’s not about beaches and naked woman as you would expect from a song featuring Sean Paul

[youtube_video id=CwZ_bmNbdAw]

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