Steven Wilson – The prog pioneer talks about his new album, and it’s place in an electronic world- Score Global Music

Prog-rock demigod Steven Wilson is bafflingly predictable in his unpredictability. While he has been recognized for his relentless experimentation throughout his 25 year long career, his more recent solo ventures have seen this master of melancholia branch between various musical guises faster and with more layered absorption.

In his newest album
The Future Bites, Wilson grounds his sound in the present. He chisels narratives out of electronic avantgardism, and tells both ominous and amusing stories with a dark playfulness that remains his signature.

Catching up with The Score Magazine, he muses on artistic insight, his bewilderment with this arriving-somewhere-but-not-here world, and his fascination with a £140 brick.

What have been the greatest challenges in your first decade as a solo artist? 

For me, the main idea to be a solo artist was to be able to change direction much more easily. When you are in a band, you can’t reinvent yourself in the same way because everyone has to agree. To get everyone to agree to the styles is very difficult. 

I started my career as a solo artist. Porcupine Tree was a solo project before it became a band. So going back to being a solo artist, the main challenge was to confront the expectations of fans. What really excites me is to do different things like working with different people. 

With social media, everything I do is subjected to immediate feedback. Some of this feedback can be negative as much as it is positive. The biggest challenge for me is to ignore that and only do what I need to do to be myself.

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