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Stairway To Heaven: Harp Duet

[youtube_video id=2U7TDOtfxts]

Harpists, we all agree, are fascinating people. They take a non commercial instrument, stick it between their legs and make beautiful music. However, some of them, are just too eccentric for our tender tastes.

The led Zeppelin classic, Stairway to heaven just got a little queer. In the video above, Camille and Kennerly, harpists and also twin sisters, are seen performing a harp duet of the same. What makes the whole affair quite bizarre is that,

a) They’re identical twins.

b) They have angel wings

c) They’re identical twins with angel wings

d) They’re pretty!

But lets not objectify these musicians (gentlemen, please!). The angel wings conundrum is explained in the description below the video. It is dedicated to “Little Angels,” a home for children and young adults with severe disabilities and complex medical needs. 

All that is good and nice, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a little…eerie.

But that’s just our two cents (or paise? Do we even have those anymore?). Its still a GREAT cover. Harps look easy to play. We dare you to try one. And not break it in the process.

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