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Rihanna & Chris Brown – What The Cake?!

Rihanna, still single, claims that it’s an overrated place to be.


Aah celebs. I’ll grudgingly admit it’s a semi-valid cry when you say your personal space shouldn’t be violated. But what the cake is up with moaning 3 minute seduce sessions with your ex as part of your album?!

Post breakup with Chris Brown three years ago, Rihanna is tired of putting her hands up when Beyoncé’s Single Ladies plays at parties. She recently moaned aloud that being single is overrated. But the moaning didn’t stop there.

We analyzed her 7th album Talk That Talk here. One particular track, Birthday Cake, lasted for barely more than a minute and all us first time listeners were confused. The song trailed off in a vague incomplete manner & no explanation was offered in the CD for this randomness.

And then on Aug 20th, Rihanna’s 24th birthday present to her fans was the entire track. It hit the web & went viral mainly because it featured ex beau – Chris Brown. 

[youtube_video id=eCWk-RH-tkI]

(Remember how you did it?/ Remember how you fit it?/ If you still want to kiss it, come, come and get it) – what the actual CAKE?!, you say?

You have a torrid break up with a guy and you then release a track with THAT SAME NO GOOD EX?! And not a lovely spring song but a breathy, outright erotic duet? Of course, rumors are rife about a possible rekindling in the romantic front. But we couldn’t care less. What is more interesting is in this barter deal that the two seem to have going.

Chris Brown features Rihanna in the remix of HIS song, Turn Up The Music.

[youtube_video id=eCPc9dS2C9k]

The original video succeeds in taking anything remotely sexy that you may associate with clubs. WHY is everyone wearing animal masks? But Chris Brown. HOOT HOOT. His dancing & nearly topless shots are smokin’!

[youtube_video id=eQWG8BVeryU]

Both artists aren’t setting any records straight but musically, do YOU think they make a good combo?

We Found Love is still the only single charting from Talk That Talk. This gimmick doesn’t seem to have any veritable musical benefits for Rihanna. Here’s hoping it at least got her some action & helped her escape from the ‘overrated’ shackles of singledom.

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