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Split Won’t Be Left High & Dry

Alcohol preserves the fruit and maybe in a different paradigm, election days might’ve been as drunken as Guy Fawkes Day. But for now, Municipal Elections to be conducted on 15th February in Mumbai will render it drier than a middle school prom, forcing Split to prepone the launch of their big debut album, Counting Perfume.

Blue Frog still remains the chosen venue, presumably, in light of nothing contrary being stated. And the reasons behind Split’s scheduling make all the more sense since this will be one hard rock jamboree you don’t want to deny some alcoholic fun.

That’s only a consideration for the legions of us fans who’re slated to turn up on the day. For the band itself, it will be only be a beginning of a long, tough road they’ve been waiting their whole lives to get on; the nationwide supporting tour for their album, which will take them to Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. Kolkata, Shillong, Hyderabad and Guwahati are likely to edge their way into the itinerary as well.

To get them salivating, the band even recently hosted a listening party for a select audience. That was on the 25th January, nipping in ahead of the looming Republic Dry Day and also using the opportunity to unveil the album cover art. Cue to ‘oo-s’ and ‘aa-s

Sample their sound from earlier release, P for Pig:

Our bubbling enthusiasm can be explained by the fact that Split are Score Magazine’s Band Of The Month for February! So watch out for them and their music in the February edition of the mag! 

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