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Be The Star With NoteStar

NoteStar, the new free app for iOS developed by Music Sales Digital in conjunction with Yamaha Music Interactive and Hal Leonard Corporation is going to revolutionize the way you mimic the keyboard signatures of your favourite artists.

Hordes of sheet paper music will now be replaced by your iPad, which will now make available to budding keyboard maestros pages upon pages of sheet music sans the turning of pages, courtesy the NoteStar. And that isn’t the only convenience on offer, as specific customization options have built in to assist you to use the app better.

The user can play perfectly synced keyboard notes to a background score recorded by a professional studio band, replete with lead vocals and everything.

If the new music is too hard for you to decipher, there are tempo and progression change options available too, which will slow down parts of the songs you find difficult without varying the pitch.

Besides manipulating the kind of background score on offer and the focus of the music piece, users will also have the option of picking their favourite lessons from a exhaustive bank of songs available at the NoteStar Store, at £2.49 a song. Suffice to say, the library contains most keyboard masterpieces and chartbusters you could possibly conceive of.

The app is available as a free download at the app store in 29 countries, including the US and the UK. The idea will soon proliferate globally, in lieu of an experience no music publisher has previously even come close to. 

[youtube_video id=V-bilYZ8PUE]

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