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Sonu Nigam’s New Album!

After little Nevan Nigam’s successful run as a ‘Kolaveri Di’ mimic on YouTube, Daddy Sonu is back to reclaim the spotlight. He’s on the threshold of composing his first album, a divine devotional effort titled Icchapurti Gayatri Mantras.

He’s teamed up with Veecon Music to produce this album and he acknowledges their initiatives. “This is a special collection to bring divinity to every household. I’m very thankful to Veecon Group and Shri JK Srivastava for this album.”

The album will have 24 mantras, with a few talented child artists getting to feature alongside Sonu Nigam too. We don’t know if Nevan will be one of them, but this one’s clearly for people who have things to be thankful for. 

[youtube_video id=nLJYkat4HpE]

Its got more views than the original!

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