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Get Giggy With It :: Dec 15th 2011

Mumbai: The Mavyns at HRC

Their facebook blurb says, “The Mavyns are very nice, extremely polite and well-behaved boys. NOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!”. Parents!! Lock away your daughters! And then be there at HRC for a kickass dose of the electric 60’s! 

[youtube_video id=9TlN0vTWk1E]

Goa: Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident at Kala Academy, Panjim Goa

Once upon a time, A math teacher and a French musician met a ex junkie at an obscure island. The ex junkie had the blues in his voice and the math teacher had the virtuoso in his guitar. And children, that’s how Slow Joe and the Ginger Accident was formed.

[youtube_video id=qNJ04MMD4aQ]

Delhi: Angelo Daimari Band at The Stage, Manajsa

Marry- the- guy fact: When not rocking your world,  Angelo can be seen whipping a mean meal while at friend’s parties.  Also, these guys have the most eccentric list of influences! 

[youtube_video id=PUr8DDtEXzc]

Gurgaon: Nasha at Vapour

Gather all ye Sufi lovers, for Nasha is here! One of the leading Sufi bands with many fancy titles like the best band from North India and such.

[youtube_video id=8PAvLlSqvVM]

Pune: Bombay Bassment at HRC

How many people does it take to make good music?  2 Goans, 1 South Indian & 1 African apparently! Bombay Bassment has everything you want in a hip hop/ reggae funk band- Dreadlocks, Caribbean beats and a name with some noice wordplay.

[youtube_video id=yFjSIdfFC_k]

Midival Punditz at NCPA Tata Theatre

Fact alert: They’re known for their revolutionary live acts that have room for jamming, remixing and innovating on stage. Thus, making no two live shows the same. You know you want to be there to witness this absolute brilliance! Then why fight it? 

[youtube_video id=7YqHTiiR6FM]

Hyderabad: Sky Rabbit at HRC

Be there if you want a preview of their new album which comes out in January! 

[youtube_video id=09PQc-kqWKo]

Kolkata: Cactus at Nazrul Mancha

Their name is derived from the fact that they came out when the youth for thirsty for music, like people thirsty for water in the deserts. And, they are, wait for it… A BANGLA ROCK BAND! I love them already.

[youtube_video id=kwjCPHvl7EE]

Bangalore: Zedde at HRC

Zedde is a band best served live! Catch a gig, get rocked- A to Zedde!” Dear Zedde members, I plagiarize from your facebook page only because I think you guys and your words are the cat’s pajamas.

[youtube_video id=MsQ-SRMFDMo]

Campus Update :: Underground Authority at City College of Commerce & Administration at 3 pm and at I.C.F.A.I. Business School Fest

Bollywood bigwigs like Salman Khan, Sonali Bendre, Kirron Kher and Nikhil Chinappa love them. Why wouldn’t you?

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