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Song Promo :: Tu Hi Rab :: Dangerous Ishhq

Now, this is a coup of sorts.

Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming thriller Dangerous Ishhq is a movie to look forward to for multiple reasons.

a) First and foremost, the gorgeous diva Karisma Kapoor will be seen on the silver screen after eons.

b) It is one of the few Hindi films to be shot in 3-D.

c) It brings back Himesh Reshammiya – you can hate him or love him BUT you cannot ignore him. Known to dole out commercially successful soundtracks (with generous dollops of his nasal twinge), his compositions were last heard in 2011’s top grosser, Bodyguard.

So, the first song promo from Dangerous Ishhq is out. A romantic track by the title of Tu Hi Rab Tu Hi Dua, it is sung by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan and Tulsi Kumar. Does it do justice to Karisma’s comeback venture? Take a look at it below!

[youtube_video id=fhzEMrKM7JE]

Judging by the promo, the song has nothing new to offer. It’s a run-of-the-mill love song with unimpressive vocals by the usually-dependable Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & borderline-annoying (not to mention, inaccurate choice for Karisma’s character) Tulsi Kumar. I mean, someone like Alka Yagnik would be perfect for Karisma. Also, as expected, the song is frickin’ addictive. Damn you, Mr. Reshammiya. 

Anyway, before I rip the song apart, I will wait for the soundtrack to hit the stores – only then will I judge and diss the singers.

Dangerous Ishhq releases on May 11, 2012.

P.S. – I couldn’t help but notice how aged Karisma is looking in the movie. I hate to admit this even though she has been my favorite female actor since my childhood days, but it is true (we still love you, Lolo). In contrast to this, the random Rajneesh Duggal looks hot in his contemporary look.

Stay tuned to for Dangerous Ishhq’s music review.

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