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Beyond Tennis, the ball remains in Somdev Devvraman’s Court with his latest album ‘One Three Two’ – Score Indie Reviews

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Going through periods of transition, turning over a new leaf, beginning something from scratch or simply letting go, can be scary. Somdev Devvaraman’s latest album ‘One Three Two’, which is also his birthday (13 Feb), speaks of these phases and provides words of wisdom to weather the tide. Drawing inspiration from his own transition from a career in Tennis to taking up music and launching his first album, ‘One Three Two’ is a riveting ode to the rite of passage called ‘change’.

The album, as a whole, is soft with classical acoustics that, along with the lyrics, give the feeling of melodic blues, a genre often associated with Indie music. The former Tennis player’s music is easy going but slightly amateur in composition and lyrics. But what the continuous sombre notes throughout the album don’t necessarily provide, Somdev makes up for with the song ‘One More Night.’ One gets to see the versatility of the singer’s vision for his music and reveals his edgy sense of taste.

Speaking of lyrics, ‘New Man’, ‘Seeker’ and ‘Hindsight’ are exceptions that speak the singer’s and an entire generation’s mind very well. ‘Hindsight’ in particular has rather thought provoking poetry that proves Somdev’s strong lyrical game.

‘Man with the Gun’, a spectacular song that completes the album, includes lines that speak of heartbreak and supporting acoustics that are bound to make one reminisce about the past. ‘Different Kind of Day’, the most thoughtful and heart-touching composition in the album, makes for the perfect end to it and stands apart from the rest. The unedited jarring sound of strings while Somdev sings,
‘And suddenly, she’s a wife and then a mother..through the loss, she gains the strength to be, a voice of reason no matter what the question.’

It is a good surprise to see a man analyse the life of a woman, the expectations thrust upon her by society, the calm and composure she brings to other’s lives and how she remains resilient throughout it all. The lyrics here show the singer’s ability to bring something new to the table. If at all anything, ‘One Three Two’ has only shown Somdev’s musical prowess and command over the acoustic guitar. With the scope that lies ahead for the musician in the Indie-Blues space, it is safe to say that the ball is still very much in his court.

Verdict: Acoustic delight, calming

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