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Skyharbor’s New Album

Skyharbor’s next big heave is ready with the announcement of the final details of their double-disc debut album, Blind White Noise: Illusion & Chaos.

Riding high on Keshav Dhar’s songwriting masterclass, Skyharbor, have come up in leaps and bounds since their smash-hit live debut at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, reportedly attracting a crowd of over a thousand to arguably one of the highlight sets of the event.

All that coincided with the recent purple patch in the Indian independent music scene that’s been turning event organizers and record labels this way. As a result, Skyharbor copped a large chunk of the new found acclaim, being regularly discussed in various international publications and on music sites.

The proof of the pudding, then, was in the email ex-Megadeth guitar hero, Marty Friedman, sent across to Keshav Dhar offering him a chance to collaborate. This, coming on the back of other high-profile guest appearances on the album by Daniel Tompkins from TesseracT, Vishal J Singh from Amogh Symphony and Sunneith Revankar from Bhayanak Maut, put the perfect gloss on the complete package.

Keshav in the sky with tuneage.

Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos will hit the record stores on 23rd April via UK based Basick Records. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

To get the blood flowing you can even online sample their single, Maeva, from the forthcoming album, which has been available for a while. Keshav Dhar does all that he does on this song, stringing variant guitar tracks together to conjure up a scene, made up in equal parts of frustration and hope. The drumming by Anup Sastry is a worthy chaperone for the sonic assaults, keeping all the divergent themes locked in rhythm throughout these six exhilarating minutes. 


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