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Blek’s New EP

Mumbai proto punk specialists, Blek, will be launching their debut EP, Hexes + Drama & Other Reasons For Evacuation, on Valentine’s evening at Kino 108.

The program list, hosted at the trendy Andheri pub, also promises secret guest artists performing with Blek. The outside bet would be on Split filling in that slot, coming hot on the heels of their own album launch recently, and also the fact that both bands share 21 year old drummer Varun Thakker

So, that’s 7 pm onwards. Come by with your loved ones/hated ones/boxes of chocolates and feel alive!

The ‘Hexes + Drama & Other Reasons For Evacuation’ track list 

1. Hexes + Drama

2. Running Into Walls Occasionally Helps

3. Minus The Makeup

4. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

5. Fog + Strobe

6. The Monkey Song (bonus track)

Most of these songs will be belted out on Tuesday evening, and if you like it all enough to want it, then you’ll be glad to know that album producers ennui.BOMB Records will make the EP available as a free download off, 12 am onwards on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a sampler. 

[youtube_video id=RldgUsRl8Fg]

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