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Simla based rock band ‘Soul Portrait’ releases a new single

Simla based band Soul Portrait set out to release their new single called Zindagi.

The band Soul Portrait made its way initially with three of it’s members Hitesh, Bhavtosh and Ashwani in the Autumn of 2012.

After quite a few months the band expanded it’s line up which led to the addition of Anirudh, Khushal and Karan to the existing line up.

The band primarily focuses on hunting for the most pleasing melodies and sounds.
Technicalities have never been the priority of the band, though infused whenever suitable.

As the band is not confined to any particular genre or language, it always aims at creating and playing what it believes soothes the ears of the particular listener.

Different thoughts, varied emotions, distinctive sounds prevailing around is what makes their music.

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