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Monica Dogra is back and with a bang!

Monica Dogra is truly an international diva, having impressed not just millions of her Indian fans with her amazing music and persona but also has struck a likeable chord with the international indie crowd. Her music has crossed boundaries and has reached to people across the globe.
She recently collaborated with the very talented D-Code who  is a former BBC Radio 1 DJ and member of Shiva Soundsystem along with his   brother Psylence who used to work under the alias Silent Source.The single is finally out. This one was definitely worth the wait.
Having worked with her,D-code said that,“Psylence and I have been big fans of Monica’s work since we first met. We’ve always felt that there’s a side to her voice which we haven’t experienced yet and one which we wanted to tap into; that deep, dark and gothic space which we knew Monica would thrive in if she had the right track to work with. When Psylence and I were making Empty Eyes, we both knew we had to send it to Monica before any other vocalist. And she soars.”
She responded when asked about working with D-code and on the single,“Working with Dee was as always a wonderful experience.  We have known each other for years and collaborated through his band the Shiva sound system and my band Shaa’ir and Func. The song, empty eyes is a liquid dnb tune.  I recorded it in a beautiful Soho studio in NYC.  It feels pretty fortunate and lucky to have a musical family world wide and to be able to send sound files across the oceans to my global comrades in music”


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