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Sifar For The Win

Sifar are making waves, within the neighbourhood at least. They have been nominated under four categories for the first edition of the Indiego Music Awards, instituted to acclaim independent artists from all across the subcontinent.

Sifar started off in 2008, right after Zeest had fuelled our love for true-blue Indian alternative rock. So, up came Amit Yadav and Anshul Bansal with a more palatable – and less ghetto – rendition of it.

The prizes that they are now in line to win are “Best Rock Group”, “Best Rock Vocalist”, “Best Rock Song” for Main Jaaonga, and my personal favourite amongst categories, “Best Genre-Bending Song” for their electro-rock ditty Gunah.

The band are being self effacing about it, with drummer Deepak Singh chipping in with “We feel truly humbled by this kind of recognition and although it would be amazing if we win, just the fact that there are people constantly supporting us is more than we could ever ask for”. How’s that for modest?

Guitarist Amit Yadav, who could also scoop the “Best Rock Vocalist”, kept things in perspective. “This will be an important event for us, this will not only help us reach out to new fans, but also to many industry folks. It’s a validation from the industry, and for a relatively new band like us, it’s awesome”. It sure is.

Main Jaaonga should win, even though I’ve no clue what it’s really up against. But this song induces the gut-wrench effortlessly, which is almost worth a prize in itself.

They already have a vibrant cross country student fan base rooting for them. Hear, hear!

This song, I mean.

[youtube_video id=UmLD-orXygo] 

We, at Score Magazine, will be reviewing their album in our next issue, so stay tuned for that!

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