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Video Watch: Do Any Of These Ladies Get It Right?

New videos. We Watch. We cringe. We ramble. You can join in too. There’s a comments bar below to express what you feel about these new videos on the block!

[youtube_video id=8c2ahBlTPz0]


Ok, Selena Gomez. WE’ve given you enough of time. Right from your 1st single, Naturally. Just cuz everyone’s in the mood to party (TGIF, Cheers Drink To That) why would you release an absolutely insignificant, not even hummable track about the same goddamn thing?

Normally, her pretty doll face saves it all but she’s just been waving about & making passionate faces with easy notes.  

Get focused, Ms Gomez, else it looks like bestie Demi Lovato will certainly beat you to it.


Again, is it Lady Gaga or just the heat of 2011 that’s making the other ladies in pop twist in their knickers with insecurity? You know how the pressure is working if you watch Britney’s latest where one-ups the exposing, all right. I have to ditch YouTube and resort to embedding from shadier options as a consequence. And this is only the beginning.

But back to the video; see, I’m not picking on her. The woman’s given us some good ones like Toxic & even Womanizer where there’s a hint of storyline or at least a power dance routine to watch out for. But this is bad music PLUS bahahahad storyline. Comically simplistic.

And the whole feature film-like credits & approach, just makes it even more laughable. The facepalms start with her calling her lover a ‘bum, bum, bum, bum’. This is the type of rhyme scheme that makes us forgive current toasts like Ke$ha & Cher Lloyd. Fifteen years of Britney and this criminal misuse of the platform YET again in recent times. Tsk. TSK.


But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Colourful light. And a host of other things is what Rihanna and the rest of us get to see in her first video off Talk The Talk.

The song’s not very worthy of analyzing but watch out, it’s going to be shoved in your face all through the next few months. 

And apparently stereotypes for the win. The Trainspotting sheen is not lost on us -Ri Ri even puts on a Scottish brogue for the monologue at the start. What works though is the pacing; the speedy imagery with twitchy eyeballs as transitions for instance – makes you cringe but keeps you on the edge of your seat! There is a graph to this video – first, happy (therefore irresponsible Rihanna) + wild boyfriend being young & reckless. Then not so happy, when crazy tempers surface & all hell breaks loose.

Oh I know what you’re thinking. But this time round, Rihanna wears the pants. Ok never actually IN the video, but metaphorically y’all.

[youtube_video id=Ahha3Cqe_fk]


The One That Got Away is an annoying song. Period. And the video is a slight fail because… How do I put this nicely..

Katy Perry makes for one gut wrenching granmama.

From geek to alien old woman, we did NOT see this coming. Cute Katy makes an appearance for a good part of the flashback as a pleasant reminder. The video is alright, says a simple story but really it’s Katy Perry’s haggardly avatar that’s responsible for that speedy breath intake. NOT because you feel sorry for lost young love or anything.

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