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Akanksha Bhandari cooks up the perfect song for the rains with Pehli Baarish- Score Indie Reviews

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Written, composed, and performed by Akanksha Bhandari weaves a romantic love ballad perfectly suited for the rains with Pehli Baarish. The
songstress calls the composition ‘a celebration of love, life, and monsoon’.
And this statement does perfectly sum up the somber nature of the track.
It’s just two minutes long but does catch on in the ears pretty easily. Due
credit for the song’s chilled-out and sonically-appealing ambience should also be given to Sarthak Nakul’s soothing production.

A special focus needs to be given to flatutist Chandrajit Kamble. His skills
with the flute adorn a few moments and blend well with the song adding to
the overall calmness that this track attempts to project. The flute is an
amusing addition

Rain has been a constant theme for singers and writers from a long time.
So, while the lyrical abilities of the song wouldn’t match some transcendental emotion, it’s still enough for Akanksha Bhandari’s track to
sound wholesome. Her vocals echo with a lot of positivity and a certain
naivety. For musicians, the monsoon season can either be a gloomy phase
or a time of rejuvenation of life. For Bhandari, her perception of monsoon is
clearly in the latter category.

The track doesn’t only glorify the monsoon and young love but also an
innocent appreciation of life and nature in general. For those who are
looking to hear something light, simple, and short, Pehli Baarish makes for
a good-enough addition to everyone’s ‘rainy day play lists’. So, next time,
when it rains in your area, you can just sit back and relax to Pehli Baarish.

Verdict: Akanksha Bhandari crafts a soothing tribute to the rains with this
heartfelt tune, assisted with some fine flute music by Chandrajit Kamble.

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